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Motivate and engage your team by visualizing performance

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Real time leaderboards
Engage your sales team on any of your sales metrics with real time leaderboards.
Awaken the competitive spirit of your team.
Unleash the competitive power of your sales team with leaderboards that inspires.
Accountability and transparency
Motivation and accountability naturally increase for each individual when metrics are shared openly among your team.

Get the most out of your sales competitions

Quick & Easy setup
Create engaging sales competition with a few clicks and get your whole team onboard in seconds.
Real time progress
Follow the progress of all your competitions in real time on your mobile, desktop or TV.
Create customized competitions
Create any kind of sales competition on any metrics for individuals or teams.
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Get easy overview of the progress towards your goals

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Set goals that lead to more sales
Add measurable target to reach and keep your team focused on what’s most important.
Align with top company goals
Increase collaboration throughout the company to reach the companies goals and milestones.
Goal Forecasting
Get insights at an early stage whether your team is on track to reach their goals or not.

See overview of all data from all your systems

Visual Reports
With beautiful graphs we allow you to quickly see how your team is performing.
All your data in one place
We gather all your data from all your systems so you have it in one system.
Create your own metrics
Add new metrics with manual data input or create formulas of existing metrics.
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Recognize your team with triggers and animations

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Recognize milestones automatically
Whenever your team is reaching any milestones automatic triggers will appear on your TVs.
Personalize with video
Customize the TV-triggers with your own youtube video to make it more personalized.
Customize Triggers
Customized when and on what milestones the triggers will be activated to create momentum.

Visualize data on your TV-screens

Display your data across your office in beautiful and engaging ways.
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Align the team

Follow real time progress of company goals throughout the office and get the team aligned to reach the goals faster.
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Engage & Motivate

Turn your data to engaging and visual dashboards that get the most out of your team members.
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Recognize & Reward

Celebrate milestones at the right time and right moment to drive momentum and recognition for each individual.

Integrate with your existing systems

Integrate with all your existing systems and gather your data in one place.
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